We handle all of your drain cleaning, septic, and sewer inspection needs

The following services are the common jobs we do. If what you need isn’t listed, give us a call and we can help, or help you find a solution to your need. We also provide 24 Hour Emergency Service.

Main Line Drain Clean $195

The central drain line in your home that ties all the drains to the city’s sewer main

Branch Line Drain Clean $139

Any drain flowing to the central drain in the home

Fixture Clean $99

A single fixture like a bathroom sink, tub, or shower trap less than 15″

Septic Clean

Septic Cleaning services, call for more information

Grease Trap Pumping

Pump out your Grease Trap.

Water Testing

Test your waters PH level and more.

Sewer Jetting $325

High pressure sewer jetting cleans clogged sewer & drain lines using high pressure water.

Camera Inspection $119

Run a high definition sewer camera down the main line to assess the condition, material used, grade, and distance to the city

Toilet Augering $75

Run a snake down the toilet to unclog the most common types of clogs

Root Kill Chemical $50

A foaming agent that coats the pipe and attacks current roots and prevents future ones from coming back

Home Winterization

Whether you are selling your home in the winter, or snow birding, we can winterize your home so your pipes don’t freeze while you’re away.

Water System Shocking

Water testing results came back negative? We can shock your well or cistern to get rid of the bad bacteria.

Pipe Patching

An alternative to ‘dig and replace’ methods. Pipe Patching creates a pipe within a the original pipe with minimal change to the original diameter for an efficient, long-lasting solution.

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“I can help you do simple things that will maintain your home and prevent major catastrophes from affecting you. Together we can save thousands on your home.”